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Captain’s corner

‘A dog’s life’, do you know this expression? Well, that’s exactly what I have on board of my ship. They call me Captain Jack, but I don’t have shit to say. It’s sheer mutiny! Making a good impression with a shelter dog, that’s what this is all about. But Í will tell you what’s really going on here. At least if I get the chance to when they don’t pay attention. In my own Captain’s corner.

She took me out of the shelter a year ago. You know, the tall lady. I’m really happy with that, because it was no fun out there. So I always follow in her footsteps. I lost my lady boss before and this wont happen to me again.

I’m not really sure what to think about him. You know, the little bald man. He reminds me of my old owner who brought me to the shelter when my first lady boss died. Really a dick move. Sometimes this little bald man also tries to take me for a walk. Away from my new lady boss. But I’m not falling for that. Then I start growling like a pit bull and they both look at me totally surprised, because normally I’m a really chill dog. Now he never takes me for a walk any more. And that’s how I get my way as a Captain. It may take a while, but in the end I always succeed.

But back to the Captain’s corner. If you want to know how things really work out here, it’s me you want. Feel free to ask all your questions and as soon as I get the chance, I will tell you the honest truth about the dog’s life I have here. But only in the Captain’s corner please, because if they catch me I’ll be in some serious trouble.

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