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Blue zone

Around here the blue of the sky almost seamlessly flows into the blue of the sea, but that’s not what they mean by ‘blue zone’. That term refers to a number of areas in the world where people live measurably longer and there are relatively many centenarians. The island of Icarias is one of them. I still doubt whether I want to live to be a hundred, but just in case, I would like to know how they actually do that.

‘Blue zone’

The first impression of Icarias is one of ‘instant impact’. A neighbor sends us away from the quay in Agios Kirykos where we want to moor our Coco. That night he woke up to what sounded like an earthquake. It turned out to be a few large rocks that had broken off the mountain wall and rolled into the harbor. Fortunately without major accidents. From the jetty on the other side we observe how the clean-up action continues. No deposition, no helmets, just stand aside and get away quickly if things go wrong. Even before everything is ready, ships are allowed to moor again. It’s not far off, but all ends well.

When I later pass work on the street with Sammie on my way to the vet, I see a similar picture. All the street pits are open and everyone is apparently supposed to see this and step next to them instead of falling in. So for sure risk management cannot be the reason why people are getting so old here.

Works in the street

When it comes to the vet, it is not much different. Sammie gets his second vaccination and I expect that we will end up in a spotless white practice room somewhere behind the crowded and unsterile pet shop. Nothing is less true. When the vet finally arrives in his leisure suit he sits down behind a messy desk still smoking his cigarette. No gloves, no sterile clothing and no mask. He invites me to sit on the other chair. While chatting with a friend that has also entered the shop he prepares Sammie’s syringe, while his ‘assistant’ is ready with a cotton ball dipped in blue methylated spirit. In the meantime I’m reassuring myself with thoughts of the blue zone. And everything ends well again.

Icarus flying towards the sun

All didn’t end well with the mythical figure Icarus, after whom this island is named. He reportedly escaped from captivity on the island of Crete with wings made by his father. If against his warning he flies too close to the sun, the wax that holds the feathers of its wings melts and he crashes into the sea near Icaria. Pride comes before a fall, we learn from this. But ofcourse he came from Crete. Not a blue zone …

But what do they actually do to get this old? It’s difficult to find out on the spot, so we consult the omniscient internet and are presented with this illuminating diagram. You should not drink wine or just a lot of really good wine. Soy, nuts, grains and vegetables are healthy, but down here they prefer to eat fish, gyros and souvlaki. With family and friends. And a glass of wine, of course. In the bright sunshine. I think I’m starting to get it. Then we are already very well on our way. So who knows. We will still live be a hundred.

Rowing the dinghy with the doggies

4 thoughts on “Blue zone”

  1. Hi guys,

    nicely written – like the whole blog.

    Missed you yesterday in the bay of Vlychada after coming back from my walk on Fourni island. I’m still here, enjoying calm and peace.

    Hope you are fine!

    Fair winds and stay safe!

    (SY Kiruli)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Uli, we sailed to Arkoi yesterday and are having a good time here. Sure we’ll meet again πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸΆπŸΆ


  2. Hi there,
    Beautiful writing, seems a plant based diet is proven to be healthy in addition to that though l think the key here is that these blue zones are mostly living a healthy lifestyle and self sustaining living off grid , plant and eat off the land organically , make time with nature’s drs , air , sunshine, exercise , water , nutrition ( organic food) and rest !

    What better place than Ikaria island to enjoy this healthy lifestyle ?!

    I have recently been researching ikaria as an option to live in a blue zone .

    Currently l live in South Africa and practice natural therapies treat people for illness with Hemp CBD oil , herbs and diet which is plant based and all the above drs , teaching them the β€œ NEWSTART β€œ way !

    Nutrition ( food for medicine)
    Exercise ( 30 minutes daily )
    Water. ( 6 to 8 glasses )
    Sunshine ( vitamin D 20 minutes daily)
    Temperance ( modesty in all things )
    Air ( deep breathing and fresh air )
    Rest ( 8 hours a day is best)
    Trust ( in God we all need our faith)

    As soon as lockdown is lifted in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ l hope to make a trip there ! ❀️

    Stay safe and healthy friends !!


    Liked by 1 person

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